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El Mono Digo Feb 23 2005, 7:57pm

Joined: Feb 12th, 2005
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Outtakes are the greatest thing over concieved by the filming industry. The codex could probably have some good voice outtakes too. When the praetor's voice cracked, when the AI forget's his line and starts making stuff up... And of course the machinima classic: when the camera man get's blown up accidentally.
grunty_thirst Feb 24 2005, 12:36am

Joined: Feb 11th, 2005
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Mabye, but do you guys making the codex record over mistakes in the episodes or do you hang on to them?

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Feb 24 2005, 3:28pm

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Don't worry: we have some pretty nice outtakes, if I do say so myself.

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hobo Feb 24 2005, 3:48pm

Joined: Feb 10th, 2005
Location: sunny old england.... yeah right
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put some up for download ill love to see them

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snyper7 Feb 24 2005, 4:11pm

Joined: Feb 13th, 2005
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outtakes are the funniest part of any movie or series, so, I say release them only after the series(or "movie" is over

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Hells Spartan Feb 24 2005, 9:12pm

Joined: Feb 24th, 2005
Location: Southern Bay Area, California
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I agree with snyper7. Outtakes are extremely funny. However, I think they should only be released when the season is over. In this case, after about every ten episodes.

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