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Sep 1 2006, 11:19am

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Some of my secrets, I won't reveal just yet. I am not, however, filming on a private server. The risk of getting sued is a lot higher when you do things that aren't exactly legal. But, I wish I could. I'd be able to do a lot of things, but there are also things I couldn't do. At least on a public server, I'll have access to how ever many people I need.

Patrick M.

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I Grez I Oct 7 2006, 12:21pm

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Im thinking it has to do with the Undead beacuse in WoW they are also called The Forsaken. Its pays off to have beaten WoW and gotten to a 37 in Halo2 so i know wats going on in all there movies smile.gif.
Dav Flamerock Nov 23 2006, 2:04am

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Yeah, but don't you agree that once you know EXACTLY how they're filming it it loses some of its wonder?

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Anubis Dec 17 2006, 5:55pm

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Trade secrets huh? Well it must be working for you Patrick. Me and my friends did our own documentries in our own school called "walking with teachers". The filming took ages, this is what happens ususally:
*We get into position*
*Camera man comes in*
*Random guy walks past*
"hey what are you guys doing?"
"Cool, on what?"
"Walking with teachers"
"can I watch?"
"no, please just get out of the way"
"Ok then"
*Another guy comes along and the sitution repeats*

I hope this didn't happen to you in WoW Patrick

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