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gefilusA Apr 8 2006, 6:36pm

Joined: Mar 23rd, 2005
Location: Finland
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Episode 6: Ambush.

And this would be me...

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Spazbro Apr 8 2006, 8:45pm

Joined: Mar 31st, 2006
Location: Australia
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Question: why do you like it?

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forbiddenwarrio Apr 8 2006, 9:03pm

Joined: Jan 12th, 2006
Location: n/a
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why do you like what?

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Wild Weasel Apr 9 2006, 2:50am

Joined: Jan 20th, 2006
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
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Delta base and shadows were good, but overshadowed by ep 18, I think.


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halosavior Apr 9 2006, 9:01am

Joined: Jun 4th, 2005
Location: n/a
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Episode 20 simply because it was full of suspense and mixed emtions. The ending was spectacular. It set up an awesome sequel, or a really good cliff hanger that really wants you to think.

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GhostSniper116 Apr 9 2006, 11:30am

Joined: Dec 24th, 2005
Location: Viiiirginia
Posts: 1,026
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Yeah, the first episode that I saw was episode twenty, because of the RoP thing... And then I saw seventeen, and I was just really confused about it all, but my favorite was 18. The music, the cinematograph, and that speech...

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xX Church Xx Apr 9 2006, 8:02pm

Joined: Jun 19th, 2005
Location: Sniping You
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I love Episdoe 19 when Jack and the ODSTs are blowing all the Covies away in Terminal, exelent Episode.

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Snow-Rider Apr 16 2006, 3:02am

Joined: Apr 16th, 2006
Location: Okotoks, Calgary
Posts: 49
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Episode 18. I've watched it like 25 times. Second is Ep20, when Jack kicked Elite @$$ at the end.
Praetor67 Apr 23 2006, 11:39am

Joined: Apr 21st, 2006
Location: n/a
Posts: 5
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I dont know why you all like the humans better,(even though you are human) the elites were noble crusaders, fighting for all they had ever been taught. By far my favorite ep would have to be 18, the speeches were well done and very dramatic. You could feel the excitement and fear at the same time on both sides. The humans realize the overwhelming numbers of the elites, and the elites realize the will of the humans is not easily deined, so they call upon the gods.

Let the crusade begin, and the unbeleivers be swept away by the divine wind. Let those who are noble to the prophets stand up and fight the holy war. The humans fight for no religious pupose, and wish only to kill. But let them be slaughtered and there blood be upon our hands, brothers. I now before the great battle call upon the gods, to watch over my men and I, and grant us glorious victory.

Jack Foster May 1 2006, 10:01pm

Joined: May 1st, 2006
Location: Assachusetts
Posts: 44
Achievements: 0

o man this is hard. my favs are 7, 15, 18, and 20 but out of those i guess my fav is....... 15. especially since Jack blasted Erda right in the mouth w/ the shotgun. w00t go Jack

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DEADHAWK076 May 2 2006, 6:43am

Joined: Feb 24th, 2005
Location: Virginia USA
Posts: 1,212
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If you guys know me, it will be "Episode 20: The end of all things," because a certain little redbastard dies .

But evan said bastard dieing could not place it over the marvolous speach in rallying. So there's my vote.

Btw: In case I wasn't clear, I voted for 18

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halorenegade 346 May 4 2006, 12:22pm

Joined: Mar 20th, 2006
Location: n/a
Posts: 19
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my favorite is episode 18

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doc17 May 14 2006, 9:44am

Joined: Aug 29th, 2005
Location: Geelong, Australia
Posts: 1,375
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well i though they were sick episodes...made so freakin well to..the seige of delta base was my particular many damm Elites


DarthSexyous May 19 2006, 8:32pm

Joined: Feb 11th, 2006
Location: Where ever it is I live
Posts: 1,059
Achievements: 0

I put episode 18 but I meant to say 10. Rescue was when I really started to get into the series.

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ElfTheHunter Jun 1 2006, 8:18pm

Joined: May 4th, 2006
Location: Hutchinson, MN
Posts: 61
Achievements: 1

Tough, the moment that truly captured me for the first time and bound my soul to the series was episode 7. The camera work in episode 10 was amazing. Episode 14 and 15 were brilliant. But by far the best episode was episode 18, excellent writing, filming, camera work, acting, editing, music, etc. Episode 20 of course is awesome but doesn't match the excellence of 18.
DarkLord1Sauron Jun 8 2006, 7:30pm

Joined: Jun 8th, 2006
Location: Pennsylvania
Posts: 39
Achievements: 0

I'd have to say episode18. I love the speach. Definitally one of the bast things that I have ever seen in a movie(real or machinima).

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Fish Jun 9 2006, 10:11pm

Joined: Apr 16th, 2006
Location: Washington State
Posts: 6,056
Achievements: 12

I'd have to agree with Sauron (and most of the population) episode 18 was the best episode in the series. But close behind it are The End of all Things, Ambush, and Cry Havok.

racooon Jun 12 2006, 12:59pm

Joined: Jun 12th, 2006
Location: n/a
Posts: 8
Achievements: 0

Its gotta be ambush. All those wraiths and elites just pouring into ascension! and the rockets... Well...
Lob15 Jun 14 2006, 9:12pm

Joined: Jun 14th, 2006
Location: n/a
Posts: 6
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Mine is ep 18, for the speeches! But Siege of delta base when jack said "Sir, Kickin' ass Sir" was good too !!
Aglor Jun 25 2006, 9:13pm

Joined: Jan 31st, 2006
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Wish i could change my vote. Now I like episode 18 better. I'd probably live longer if i stopped changing my mind so much.

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