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Feb 9 2017, 2:25am

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Hey, folks! Happy February 9th!

For those who don’t know, February 9th is Edgeworks Entertainment’s anniversary, celebrating the day that our very first webseries, a Halo-machinima series called The Codex, was launched in 2005. Since then, we make a point to announce big news and launch new products each year on this day. So whether it’s your first time here or you’ve been with us from the start, welcome to Edgeworks Entertainment and happy February 9th!

Today we’ve got two big announcements to make. The first, you may have already noticed: we’re relaunching the Edgeworks website! We’ve got a shiny new logo and a completely revamped design, and we’re so happy to finally unveil it to the public. I’ve been saying for years that Edgeworks is coming back, and thanks to the success of TerraGenesis, it’s finally happening. So welcome to the new and improved! Feel free to look around, check out what we have in store, and get to know our new look. We’ve still got some updating to do, particularly in the forum, so check back often for new updates and changes!

The other big news today isn’t as unexpected, but it’s a lot more highly anticipated: version 4.0 of TerraGenesis is officially live!

Announced a few weeks ago, TerraGenesis v4.0 brings the final unveiling of the much-discussed “Coming Soon” button: Biospheres! Build a complete global ecosystem from the ground up, designing it organism by organism and gene by gene. With 64 genes to choose from, 26 phylums to explore, 12 new random events, and literally infinite possible combinations, Biospheres is the single biggest update in TerraGenesis’s history! I have been working on it non-stop since August, and I am so happy to finally be able to roll it out to the public.

And for those of you who play TerraGenesis: be sure to pop into the game today, you might find a celebratory surprise waiting for you!

So there it is, February 9th 2017! We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff still cooking here at Edgeworks HQ, so be sure to check back often and follow us on social media so you can be the first to hear! In the meantime thanks for swinging by, and be sure to comment below and tell us what you think of the new site and the big TerraGenesis update!

Thanks to Sneaky and SquattingB for the awesome avatar!
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