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Dec 1 2016, 4:40pm

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This update includes numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, including...
- Added a “Cancel Research” button
- Added the names of colonies and outposts to the "Colony/Outpost Placement" map
- Added a warning popup for dangerous amounts of water accumulating as vapor on super-hot worlds
- Added new minority options for the "Local Color" random event
- Added a new random event: The Spirit of Competition!
- Fixed a bug that would allow the mine placement map to go offscreen on certain devices
- Fixed a bug that would make element symbols appear erratically on the mine list
- Fixed a bug that would fail to give GPs for reaching human habitability
- Fixed a bug where tapping on a planet and then immediately going back hides other planets
- Fixed a bug related to Mercury's starting temperature
- Fixed a bug that would prevent random events from occurring for some users
- Fixed a typo in the “practical idealism” event text (thanks, William!)
- Fixed a typo in the description for the Soil Farm that mentioned "Martial Soil" even when not playing on Mars
- Fixed incorrect caption characters in the Chinese App Store screenshots
- Rephrased a popup to make it more clear when trying to build a mine with insuffient credits

If you spot another bug, have a question, or want to connect with the community, check out,,, or And as always, if you want to help support an indie game developer pursuing his dream, please leave TerraGenesis a review on the App Store and help spread the word!

Thanks to Sneaky and SquattingB for the awesome avatar!
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