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Nov 22 2016, 10:53pm

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This minor update includes a few bug fixes, including...
- Fixed a bug that would create outposts completely empty of mineable resources
- Fixed a bug with Earthquake events in non-English languages
- Fixed a bug that would incorrectly attempt to “Buy All” when tapping “Restore Purchases” (thanks, Nichlos!)


Welcome to TerraGenesis v3.0! This update is by far the biggest overhaul this game has seen since its initial release back in July. Listing every change in this update would be impossible, but here are some headlines to give you a taste of what’s in store…
- 15 NEW PLAYABLE WORLDS: Almost triple the number of playable worlds, including the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, all featuring real-world maps and data!
- RANDOM WORLD GENERATOR: Not content with 24 playable worlds? Generate an infinite number of fictional worlds to play on, each entirely unique to you!
- REDESIGNED NEW/LOAD GAME SCREEN: A simple and beautiful way to start new games and load old ones. Watch the solar system evolve as you terraform world after world!
- TRANSFER GENESIS POINTS: Freely import purchased Genesis Points from game to game! (Note: games begun before v3.0 might need to be opened again before GPs can be transferred to other games.)
- NEW RANDOM EVENTS: Develop your world’s architecture, face new challenges, and benefit from new surprises.
- STATS SUMMARY PAGE: Check your planet’s status and identify major priorities in one simple display.
- CHINESE & KOREAN LOCALIZATION: Joining English and Japanese, we’ve doubled the number of languages in which players can enjoy TerraGenesis!

This update also includes numerous changes and bug fixes suggested by the players, including...
- Reduced the download size of the app by consolidating textures
- Significantly improved memory management, for improved performance and reduced power usage
- Redesigned logo for UNSA
- Tweaked logo design for Horizon Corporation
- New “super-dense” cloud layer for Earth, Moon, & fictional worlds
- Longer versions of in-game music (soundtrack available now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and more!)
- Touch-based scanner movement for placing mines
- Fixed a bug that would zero-out water and oxygen stats after long absences (thank you to ALL the fans who helped diagnose this bug!)
- Fixed a bug that would incorrectly crop the facility lists on the Temp & Pressure Stats pages
- Fixed a bug that would allow the status bar to appear in-game on iPads (making X and < buttons hard to tap)
- Fixed a bug that would prevent the Plague event from occurring on Lethe
- Fixed a bug that would start games on Pontus with reduced sea levels
- Fixed a bug that would prevent culture points from being properly awarded after large population die-offs
- Fixed a bug that would prevent ice layers from appearing on all-ice worlds
- Fixed a bug that would incorrectly represent the Space Elevator’s contribution on the Money Stats page
- Fixed a bug that would require 0c to fix a school funding crisis event
- Fixed a bug that would fail to save the “paused” state when locking the device (thanks, Mpsquared on Reddit!)
- “Prodigy Upgrade” event can now be declined
- Added existing mine names to “mine placement” screen

If you spot another bug, have a question, or want to connect with the community, check out,,, or And as always, if you want to help support an indie game developer pursuing his dream, please leave TerraGenesis a review on the App Store and help spread the word!

Thanks to Sneaky and SquattingB for the awesome avatar!
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