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Sep 22 2016, 2:36am

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I am happy to announce that this version brings Japanese localization to TerraGenesis! A huge thank-you to the English-speaking fans who have made TerraGenesis such a big sucess, it's been really overwhelming for an indie developer to see this kind of response. I'm hoping to add more languages in the near future, but in the meantime thank you to everyone who's played and helped spread the word, and welcome to our new Japanese players!

This update also includes numerous changes and bug fixes suggested by the players, including...

- Fixed the "planet seam" render bug (thank you to ALL of the users on our Facebook page who shared their experiences and helped diagnose the issue!)
- Increased texture resolution for all devices
- Added icon buttons to Stats page, for easier navigation
- Added temperature requirements to Biomass section of Stats page (thanks, tesla071056 on reddit!)
- Added facility levels to Stats view (thanks, Calvin!)
- Added the ability to access the Satellites section if any Satellites have already been built
- Planets with super-dense atmospheres are now immune to meteor events (thanks, Dustyn!)
- Stopped all terrorism events after Independence is achieved
- Fixed "meteor imact" typo (thanks, Daniel!)
- Fixed a bug that would allow "facility crushed" events to affect facilities on lunar colonies
- Fixed a bug that would allow random events to occur when visiting the Main Menu (thanks, Jeremy!)
- Fixed a bug with the buttons on the Victory page
- Fixed a bug that would cause crashes on high-population planets
- Fixed a bug that would zero-out certain stats overnight
- Fixed a bug that would allow extraneous spaces in colony/outpost names
- Fixed a bug that would allow “original colonist” events on Earth
- Fixed a bug with the Culture Point tracking (thanks, Mike!)
- Fixed a bug that would allow the Space Elevator to remain even if the socket colony is destroyed
- Fixed a bug that would switch songs when toggling button beeps
- Fixed a bug that would improperly render lighting effects on iOS 10
- Added a new "maximum cloud" texture for Mars, to make super-dense cloud layers more clear
- Added outpost name to the “mine drowned” event (thanks, Julie!)
- Reduced frequency of “research overload” event

I also want to make a special point of thanking Jeremy for his very generous donation to help support the game. If you want to make a donation, just send an email to, or visit . Thanks Jeremy!

If you spot another bug, have a question, or want to connect with the community, check out,, or And as always, if you want to help support an indie game developer pursuing his dream, please leave TerraGenesis a review on the App Store and help spread the word!


And remember, folks: every time an update comes out, Apple resets all the ratings and reviews for the app. If you want to help out TerraGenesis without spending a dime, head over to the App Store and re-submit your rating! It'll even auto-populate your last review text, so if your opinion hasn't changed you can just hit "Submit" again and be on your way!

Thanks again to everyone who has played, discussed, and shared the app, and I hope you enjoy the new update!

Thanks to Sneaky and SquattingB for the awesome avatar!
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