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Aug 17 2016, 5:48pm

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This update includes one of the most-requested features since TerraGenesis very first launched:
- MANUAL ROTATION: Now, when you enter the "Examine Planet" mode by tapping the "world" button, you can drag to rotate, pinch to zoom, and use many other controls to explore the surface of your world from any angle you like!

This update also includes several changes and bug fixes suggested by the players, including...
- Removed the “Satellites” label from screenshots of planets where no satellites exist.
- An active Space Elevator now allows access to the Satellites section, even if no active Spaceports remain. (Thanks, Paul!)
- Added water overlays to "Mine Placement" view when scanning with the Orbital Surveyor, so players can see where mines are impossible to build.
- Fixed a bug that would allow colonists to live outside of Habs on the moons of terraformed worlds. (Thanks again, Paul!)
- Fixed a bug that would allow satellites under construction to hang at "0s" from completion.
- Fixed a bug that would allow mine upgrades to increase by 0 levels (e.g. "upgraded from Level 2 to Level 2").
- Fixed a bug that swapped the costs and completion times for the Geocistern and the Electrolysis Plant. (Thanks AtomicKitsune, on reddit!)
- Fixed a crash that would come from having more than 24 mines in a single outpost.
- Fixed a bug that would allow Level XI facilities if one was upgrading when a Prodigy event occurred.
- Fixed a bug that would crop city lights for large colonies placed near the edges of the map. (Thanks, Ramon!)
- Fixed a bug that would show two overlapping infoPanels when beginning construction of a satellite.

If you spot another bug, have a question, or just want to connect with the community, check out,, or And as always, if you want to help support an indie game developer pursuing his dream, please leave TerraGenesis a review on the App Store and help spread the word!


Also, keep in mind: sometimes, when you download an update RIGHT after it's released, it doesn't "stick." You'll download the update, open the app and see nothing's changed, and then return to the App Store and be prompted to re-download the update. It doesn't happen often, and I've never seen it last more than an hour or two when it does happen, but it's something to watch out for.

And remember, folks: every time an update comes out, Apple resets all the ratings and reviews for the app. If you want to help out TerraGenesis without spending a dime, head over to the App Store and re-submit your rating! It'll even auto-populate your last review text, so if your opinion hasn't changed you can just hit "Submit" again and be on your way.

Thanks again to everyone who has played, discussed, and shared the app, and I hope you enjoy the new update!

Thanks to Sneaky and SquattingB for the awesome avatar!
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