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WilliamWColumnist Aug 5 2016, 8:33pm

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Cryptic Motive is an interactive series that sends viewers on a global scavenger hunt. At the end of each episode, the viewer is presented with a black screen and a list of GPS coordinates which each lead to what are called "Leaks." The "Leaks" are boxes that contain character biographies and pages of bonus story material to help the viewer solve the mysteries and puzzles of the series.

Admittedly, I had some trouble following the series universe at first without cheating. The best way to cheat is to go to the website for the series, the "subreddit", or the Facebook page and see what findings are being posted by other viewers. This helps piece the whole story together rather quickly.

I am working for the column Tri Valley Creatives for East Bay Art Minds. What brought this series to our attention was Danville Living Magazine which published an article about Cryptic Motive.

The minds behind Cryptic Motive are:

Rebecca Nicosia
Morgan Finley King
Tabbitha McBride
Sepi Burgiani


Jeza is a scavenger from a large portion of forest that doesn't have much government structure (there is an implied history of ugly war and human trafficking in this part of the world). Jeza seems to be the character who represents the audience; She is scared and confused once she is suddenly thrust into this dystopian state called Trivalica, which is a part of a larger league of planets in a solar system all united under one "Solar Government".

Royjack is a disgraced former military official who only ascended in the ranks because so many superior officers were killed during the "Atlantic War" which takes place about 5 years prior to the series. The relationship between Royjack and Jeza is reminiscent of Robinson Crusoe and Friday, only with more sexual tension.

Maya is wife to Royjack and becomes a surrogate mother to Jeza. She appears to be the primary voice of reason, and is demonstrably less reactive than most of the other characters (especially Royjack). This trait is interestingly juxtaposed when Maya is confronted by a government official who threatens her family. Maya's reaction, once she realizes the intent, is to immediately resort to physical aggression and verbal threats.

Keen and Dodd
Keen and Dodd are Martians who parallel Royjack and Maya as a couple, only they seem to have a far more stable relationship. They are confirmed CandleMages, a secret society that appears to have a relationship with ancient magical science technology.

Ed the Hat Man
An intelligence officer who's loyalties are conflicted.

Bixley is a Martian who appears to be completely insane.

Alexandria is the daughter of the Trivalica royal family who has been missing since the first episode. Her sudden reappearance at the end of the 5th episode "Jeza's Dictionary" raises questions.

Man with Pink Hair
A bizarre CandleMage with pink hair who seems to ruin everyone's day on the regular.

An even more bizarre candlemage who's telepathic and who's identity remains a mystery.

Cryptic Motive Official Website

Cryptic Motive Official Facebook

Cryptic Motive SubReddit
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