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Feb 22 2016, 2:26am

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As we continue to transition into the new Edgeworks Entertainment, we've been hard at work updating and adding more apps as part of Edgeworks Interactive. Today, we're proud to introduce the first of our business-oriented iOS apps, Dividender!

Build and perfect your dividend portfolio with Dividender, the DRIP calculation suite for iOS!

Simply input your stocks and shares, and Dividender will give you all the information you need! Stock details are automatically updated with the most up-to-the-second data available, and results are displayed both in total and broken out by year, quarter, and month, so you can plan for the future with ease.

Instead of sifting through endless menus and confusing readouts, Dividender puts a premium on simplicity and easy-of-use. Simply input your portfolio once and get the most important information in seconds, allowing you to hone and perfect your portfolio with confidence.

Keep track of your portfolio and plan for the future with Dividender!

We've got more business and other apps to add in the coming days and weeks. But for now, check out Dividender for all your dividend reinvestment needs, and stay tuned for more from the all-new Edgeworks Entertainment!

Thanks to Sneaky and SquattingB for the awesome avatar!
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