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Nov 28 2013, 12:56am

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Xbox One: amazing! Love the voice commands, easy to use, been working really well for me. The gestures are pretty good too, a little bit hit or miss but that's because I'm really close to the sensor. Overall, great console, just wish it was a tad bit smaller and was able to be stacked vertically.

Forza 5: AMAZING game, looks even better than Forza 4 (obviously) and it's just... unbelievable. Great game, lots of fun to play, love all the cars. I'm so happy they added open wheel cars to this game. Racing F1 cars in Forza 5 is probably one of the best video gaming experiences I've had in a while, this is especially true after you've experienced a bunch of other cars in the game ranging from hot hatches to other supercars, the F1 cars are just in a league of their own.

Got a short clip of me racing one here: youtube

The one awesome thing about F5 is drivatars, you can have your friends "drivatar" race you when you go through your career, I have sneaky's drivatar in my races all the time now and he's a dick

Here's him racing my drivatar: youtube2

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Skreli Jul 7 2018, 8:24am

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Any of you racing games fans looking forward to the new Forza Horizon 4? I'm so hyped up for it ever since I saw the trailer at E3.
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