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Jun 10 2013, 3:48pm

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I guess it's Halo 5, they didn't give it that title though and the reveal trailer at E3 was a little bit weird. I'm sure everyone's talking about why the hell MC is wearing a tattered shawl/cape thingie... Looking forward to more details

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Reaper195 Jun 10 2013, 5:30pm

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Trailer says bugger all, aside from MC meeting a Forerunner angel (Maybe we go into fantasy? That's be kinda cool....ish...), and obviously converting to Tusekn Raider attire. .

First thing I've looked up about E3 this year, and have to go out for a few hours now. Was there any mention on the Halo TV series? And that it will clearly be either based on the books/games, and be like Band of Brothers/The Pacific on HBO? And have some creepy role for Mike Patton? And that a Darkness 3 was announced? And that a Darkness movie is also coming out, staring all the actors who voice their relative characters from the first game?



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