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Reaper195 Dec 30 2012, 8:24pm

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Got back from seeing it a couple of hours ago. Bloody fantastic film. I also saw it in 3D 48fps. At first, the faster frame rate was definitely noticeable, but I don't get why people say it makes the movie look like a cheap soap looked disgustingly expensive and amazing. After about thirty or so minutes, you're more or less use to it. The 'traditional' frame rate is a lot slower, and 48FPS is closer to what the human eye sees, so I fail to see how it makes the movie appear 'faster'. It just makes everything seem smoother. And shinier. I really hope more films adopt it, since having just watched an episode of Fringe, it looks so...stuttery. It's like playing games on PC on full settings for a looong time, then playing something like Far Cry 3 on a console. You definitely notice how low the quality is.

The 3D also was disturbingly well done. I've seen a couple of movies in 3D, some filmed in it, some done in post production...and the only other film that looks this good was Avatar (Which was hampered by being not a fantastic film (I also mean the new 3D, not the old red and blue glasses one)). It was the first time in my lif I've seen something in 3D and actively flinched when something came at me. Some dude fired an arrow, and for the briefest of a moment, it took up an entire quarter of the screen. But it was incredibly quick, since it wasn't a slo-mo shot or anything. And it really did seem to be coming right for my bollocks. I guess the main reason the 3D works better in here than a lot of other films is simply because it has more sweeping shots of massive ranges. Avatar did this quite well also. There is nothing like the camera going off the end of a cliff, into the bowl of a massive basin and then sweeping alone the rocky plains before panning over the questing group and then further upwards into the sky. It looked gorgeous.

I'm so glad the second one is coming out next year. It annoys me when a massive film series comes out, and then there are a number of years in-between each one (Nolan's Batman, Marvel's Avenger series (Come film a year but of the quality of Thor and Captain America?)), and I cannot wait for it. was brilliant to see a bunch of dwarves swarm one orc and beat the living shit out of him. That was brilliant.


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Scar Dec 31 2012, 1:07am

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This one was kinda different for me, because unlike Lord of the Rings, I actually read the book before seeing the movie. I dunno why everyone's bitching about all the extra stuff added, because all the new stuff is simply stuff Tolkein's already written and Peter Jackson's expanding on. Loved the hell out of the movie, and Martin Freeman is a brilliant actor.

I also have no idea what fps I saw it in, so I assume it's the "traditional" one since I didn't notice anything different from other movies. Also saw it in 2D, partly because 3D gives me a headache after a while (and since this is almost three hours, no) and partly because I don't think it's necessary.

grunty_thirst Mar 8 2013, 9:57am

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I had meant to reply to this ages ago after I saw it, but nonetheless, here's a 'short' response.

It has been frankly years since I read the book so I can't remember the ins and outs of it sides the jist of Bilbo's travels. So in a sense, I felt like I was opening up to this as a new story. However, it was always obvious this was a shorter story than the original LOTR, which indeed, it is hard to compare against, being so godamn epic. The fact remains that even I had some doubts about making this into a trilogy as well. If memory serves, the Hobbit as a book is just barely as long as Frodo takes to get out of the Shire in Fellowship (which I am still in the midst of reading now). The opening half hour say, all the while they are in Bilbo's house did feel like it went on forever, and there was a lot of him just going on about 'Why are all these dwarves in my house? I demand answers!...please? Anyone?', and nobody really giving a bollock, including Gandalf. The added songs were cute maybe but again felt like they were dragging it out unnecessarily.

Again, its harsh to compare with LOTR, but when you consider how much was left out of that story, it was still fantastic with what they kept in it- what was NECESSARY to the main story arc (hence, Tom Bombadil got the axe and a lot of other shizz was condensed). Overall, for what, 2.5 to nearly 3 hours of film (Hobbit, I mean here), little seemed to happen over the whole expanse, or at least it happened slower then I'd have liked it to to maintain my interest in the progression of the story.

I think I saw this in 2D, mainly because I'm not a huge fan of 3D (tends to hurt my eyes more too). Yes, it did appear 'faster' as you refer to Reaper, and the CGI appeared a lot more noticeable for it to my eyes. As a result, I felt some of the battle/fighting sequences (while some were awesome) were lacking discernible detailing in character movement. Mainly that continuous running and fighting sequence along the goblin boardwalks in the mines; it looked more like the troupe were walking through a crowd and simply pushing (as though 'skating') enemies away, rather than attacking or deflecting incoming blows. That bit bothered me a little, although I understand its partly because of the effect they were after- the need to flee and the combination of intensity and also fluidity and a touch of humor in the combat methods.

I liked the focused scenes with Bilbo and Gollum, including the riddle game and Bilbos choice not to stab him which is alluded to in Fellowship as well. Gollums story in general I find one of the most fascinating aspects of the entire Middle Earth history. It will be interesting to see how the next two installments fair. Certainly this was a good movie, but not as great as much of the anticipation lead me to believe. I'll reserve judgement until the final credits, but I wonder if this will end up being a 'good trilogy' or could it have been an amazing one-off movie? (maybe a two-parter at most if it was needed). I'll also add I am yet to watch it a second time, so it woudl be interesting to match what Ive written here to my thoughts after another viewing.

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wer11 Jul 31 2013, 4:12am

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hey,i agree ,i think this one is just as wonderful as the former ones.


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Aglor Aug 2 2013, 8:18pm

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I saw this about two months ago when I was flying back from Venice. I'll just say I'm glad I caught it for free on the flight rather than spending money to see it in theaters. It was alright, but I just found myself completely uninvested in it about twenty minutes in. The only part I really cared for was the riddle bit near the end (also my favorite sequence of the book).

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