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grunty_thirst Dec 11 2012, 12:45am

Joined: Feb 11th, 2005
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Only played paintball once to date at an indoor center, so experience is lacking though another friends group is planning to play in the New Year, so I hope that goes ahead. If I was earning more/actually employed Id probably be keener to do it more often, just as one of those activities thatd be fun to do with a group of mates now and then.

Should probs check out the location for the upcoming one, but i think itll be pretty amateurish, nothing quite like the gear you're holding there sb, man that looks awesome though. If I ever go to Canada, take me out for a day yes?

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Dec 11 2012, 7:35am

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for sure, we'll have a good time haha

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Nick Dec 17 2012, 5:57am

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I haven't played since April...

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