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1254MAN Sep 3 2005, 12:41pm

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hey so iwent over to the newgrounds website and i found this videoBlood Gulch2
anyways check it out and tell me if it was funny or not

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Geo Ghost Sep 3 2005, 1:19pm

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The begining was funny when that guy got hit on the head with a grenade!

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Master Elite Sep 3 2005, 3:39pm

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I got to say that it was cool and funny don't mind them there dancing

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elvislives Sep 5 2005, 5:09pm

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I enjoyed that.

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ChickenYoda2 Sep 5 2005, 11:20pm

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Master Elite, you might not want to do the banana and the dancing guy. My cousin, Mike did it when I was in Texas and alot of people hated him for doing Dancing Bananas and pictures of Micheal Jackson, by the way, it was sort of funny at times

Master Elite Sep 15 2005, 10:06pm

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ok ok ill stop....... i liked the part when that guy was dancing

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MassacrMan Sep 24 2005, 10:57am

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The only time you can use dancing Bananas is when it's Peanut Butter Jelly Time !

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Grif-- *sigh* Tht we have absolutly no hope of getting out of this army ?

Sarge-- NO ! it means we mustive beaten the blues ! Otherwise there wouldn't be any reds left. Finally Victory is ours ! Wait a minute, this means i'm missing the entire war aww Dammit !

Grif-- Yeah everything must be great thats why they sent out a "distress signal."

Donut-- Maybe it's not a distress signal !
Maybe it's a this dress signal ! Or maybe it's some open invitation to a formal ball !!

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WreckAndRule Oct 19 2005, 1:30pm

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That was funny as crap. I liked the guy on the ledge roasting the hotdog

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Micro5 Oct 23 2005, 8:09pm

Joined: Oct 22nd, 2005
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Pretty Funny "Oh shit, my bad." "I'm glad we got out of that last battle alive..BOOM"
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