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DragonheartD51 Jun 10 2009, 3:29am

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After watching this Vid on YT, I remember I made my failure of a squeal for the The Codex series
and I put it here for all codex fans to hate for this failure of a machinima. And this was made up a LONG Time ago.

<--sizeo:5--><--/sizeo-->The Reclaimer.<--sizec--><--/sizec-->

The unofficial squeal of The Codex, Created by DragonD51.
Originally created by Edgeworks Entertainment.

Plot: After destroying The Codex, the Spartan Deltas fled to the distant planet Excalibur to meet up with UNSC forces who are gonna head to Earth to holdback the Covenant invasion. But when a Covenant fleet jump in the system, they trap the Spartans and the UNSC forces on the planet while finding a unknown forerunner artifact that holds a secret more powerful than the Halos. When the UNSC got hold of the SOS, they fear the worst and decided to sent reinforcements but even with the Spartans fighting with the remaining UNSC forces, they're still terribly outmatched.

So ONI activate Project Armstrong and sent SPARTAN-051, Captain Jonathan Turner to find out what is on the planet Excalibur and what is the mystery that lay buried for over 100,000 years. The Final countdown to doomsday has started, can SPARTAN 051 "Turn" things around before the clock reaches zero?

Main Characters

Captain Jonathan Turner - SPARTAN-051: A Captain of the UNSC Army and the only member of Project: Armstrong. A common man who's life was going downhill until ONI found out that he had the genetic genes to become a SPARTAN. UNSC then took him from his home (when he was offer to join and accepted it when he's got nothing to live for) to be part of Project: Armstrong. UNSC then give the augmentations and inserted combat memories of warfare.

Then ONI give Jonathan the "Imperial Judgment", a type of modded version of the Mjolrin armor in which Spartan 051 can active to make him stronger, faster and lighter than a normal spartan for a short time. Jonathan is a good commander and a well balance fighter in all areas of warfare. (((It's a Security helmet, EVA shoulder pads and EOD Body armor. All Steel colors.)))

But Jonathan is anything but your standard SPARTAN II soldier. No special talents or super skills that makes him stand out from other spartans except for the uncommon ability to "Turn" things around in his favor when things look grim to him. (whatever is combat or noncombat)

So I know, it sucks... I should or the staff should delete this post ASAP.
So... yeah... gonna watch the road warrior now. Please leave hate comments and such after the bong.

Lone Wolf on the run...
Jun 10 2009, 3:47am

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Yeah...that dude on YT...probably needs to just go outside and make friends instead of stealing ideas...oh well.

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Jun 10 2009, 4:15am

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First of all, I suppose I should say welcome to the forums. Secondly...I presume you mean "sequal", not "squeal".

Thirdly, if you are going to make this, I thing Edgeworks might prefer it if you didn't call it The Reclaimer as they already have a plot that they will want to keep (for the future? who knows?). It seems a decent enough plot but I don't know if you could give it enough polish as Edgeworks may want. In that case, I think you would be more than welcome to go it alone...but we'll have to see what they say.

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S64 Jun 10 2009, 4:21am

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Why do I have the feeling someone's had a bad day/gotten very, very drunk?

Should also get into this. I don't wanna fight off Ms. Fry-Pan-and-Supa-MAC-wielding-God-modding-word-I-can't-say-for-fear-of-being-ripped-to-f(bleep)ing-shreds by myself.
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Jun 10 2009, 1:51pm

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tb it's actually sequel. But in any case. this is just NO. I don't know what you're trying to do, inviting hate posts and just posting random crap here. Not cool, topic locked.

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