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Ask a stupid queation, get a stuid answer.
on Oct 26 2005, 8:28pm

Word association game
on Oct 26 2005, 8:26pm

Word association game
on Oct 26 2005, 8:23pm

on Oct 26 2005, 8:22pm

Ask a stupid queation, get a stuid answer.
on Oct 26 2005, 8:21pm

5 million grunts danced with pitchforks opened their mouths and sang with their fellow Jackals who hesitated because they couldnt speak english and therefore barked and chirped like a bunch of mutated chickens with their heads cut off, the grunts were disgusted with the terrible noise and decided to make farting noises this offended the cleric and he started humping the Master cheifs leg who had just drank a gallon of medicine because he had just decided he wanted to drink bleach to keep his stomach from exploding.

-very funny paragraph made in the "3 word" topic-

-thanks to odstsilva, elvislives, Doomhammer-

my fav MMORPGs ...check them out
Stargate wars
Universe quest
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