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Halo 2 for Window Vista
on Feb 20 2006, 10:45pm

You know you've played too much Halo when.....
on Oct 8 2005, 12:59pm

Halo 3
on Oct 8 2005, 12:55pm

blood gulch
on Sep 24 2005, 10:57am

Want to play with you!
on Sep 11 2005, 10:59pm

Red Vs. Blue episode -- 54

radio-- Distress, distress, a little more disstress. Oh man that's alot of distress.

Simmons- That's all it says doesnt even say where or who !

Sarge-- We know who it is, it's on the radar open channel. That means the reds have survived into the future. Don't ya see what this means ?

Grif-- *sigh* Tht we have absolutly no hope of getting out of this army ?

Sarge-- NO ! it means we mustive beaten the blues ! Otherwise there wouldn't be any reds left. Finally Victory is ours ! Wait a minute, this means i'm missing the entire war aww Dammit !

Grif-- Yeah everything must be great thats why they sent out a "distress signal."

Donut-- Maybe it's not a distress signal !
Maybe it's a this dress signal ! Or maybe it's some open invitation to a formal ball !!

Grif-- Ok ? Lets go with Sarge's version.
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